Livestreaming classes now available

Hi everyone,

Wow – what a scary and uncertain time it has been over the past ~ week since we closed the studios.  We have been helping our fantastic teaching team get situated and set up for live streaming while trying to relocate critical supplies and adapt to an extended “remote” operation.  We wanted to ensure we could deliver the same Avea experience in live steaming that we do in the studios.

First, we hope you are all safe and healthy.  This has always been our priority.  Please look after yourselves, physically and emotionally.

Second, we are pleased to launch our livestreaming classes officially starting tomorrow.  Classes can be purchased online through our website or with classpass.  Between 80-100% of the revenue will be going directly to the teachers to help them during this difficult period, with the rest going to cover the critical costs of operating the software, processing payments etc.

To access the latest schedule of livestreaming classes, click here.

We also hope to launch additional capabilities over the next few days.  Stay tuned!

With love and respect always

The Avea Pilates team.