Updated Vaccine guidance effective 12/27

The new requirements for Key to NYC Pass are outlined below.

Beginning December 27, 2021, patrons age 12 and up must demonstrate that they have received a full regimen of a vaccine authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration or by the World Health Organization.  For patrons 12 years of age or older, a full regimen of a COVID-19 vaccine is at least two doses of a two-dose vaccine such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or one dose of a single-dose vaccine, such as the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

If you have previously shown us proof of a full regimen, you do not need to show proof again.  HOWEVER, if you previously shared with us a partial regimen (i.e. a single dose of a 2 dose vaccine), please show your updated vaccine proof to your teacher on your next visit.  We will update your account to show the updated status.  Any new clients will be required to show proof of a full regimen.