VIP Pass Terms and Conditions (please read carefully)

Thank you for your interest in our VIP Pass.  This pass provides you with the option to attend a group class every day for a full month from first use after purchase.  If you use the pass at least 15 times during the month, it provides the most affordable option to attend group classes.

Please review the terms and conditions below and if you would like to purchase a VIP Pass, you can click on the Purchase button below to complete the transaction.

Late cancel / no-show fee

Late cancellations and no-shows prevent other clients from joining classes and represent a loss for the studios.  There is no fee as long as you cancel at least 12 hours prior to the start of your class. If you are a no-show or cancel within the 12 hour window, a fee of $38 will be charged to your credit card.  We cannot make exceptions to these fees for any reason including illness, family or work emergencies or Covid exposure, so please plan ahead and cancel your session with sufficient notice.

Most of our VIP Pass clients use their pass without incurring any fees.

VIP Pass


  • Valid for 1 month from first use after purchase
  • Valid for 1 group class per day
  • Does not auto renew
  • No long term commitment required
  • Offers our best value if used at least 15 times
  • No extensions or pauses under any circumstances
  • $38 fee for late cancellations or no shows

Terms and Conditions

The pass is valid for 1 month from first use after purchase (e.g. if you purchase on a Tuesday, and book your first class on Thursday, the pass is valid for 1 month from Thursday).  This gives you the flexibility to purchase the pass without having to worry if there is class availability on the day of purchase.

Allows the account holder to attend 1 group class per day.

The pass does not auto-renew and there is no long term commitment required.

Early cancellations (12 hours prior) for classes are permitted without penalty.

Late cancellations (within 12 hours) or no-shows for any class will be charged a $38 cancellation fee to the credit card on file.  Please confirm with your teacher that they mark you present as late cancellation and no-show fees are automatically applied 24 hours after the class.

No freezes or extensions are allowed.

You must maintain a valid credit card with our Mindbody account.  If cancellation fees cannot be charged to a credit card on file, the Pass is subject to suspension until this is resolved.

Avea Pilates reserves the right to limit the number of Passes available and to refuse sales of Passes to any client based on failure to pay cancellation fees or sharing of passes.