A Pilates Community of Love, Kindness and Respect

Avea Pilates is more than a single person, a single location or a one-size-fits-all teaching approach.

Our Origins and studios

The meaning of “Avea” has different origins – from “Sunset” in Fijian, to “strength” in Hebrew, reflecting the positive and diverse spirit all of the wonderful people in the Avea Pilates community.

Avea Pilates is the long time dream of our owner, Carrie Shaffer.  Carrie discovered her love of Pilates as part of a rich life that has led her through growing up in Connecticut, living in Paris, giving back as a High School teacher and experiencing the joy of 3 children.
Pilates has helped Carrie find her serene center, living a life not defined by her long term challenge of Multiple Sclerosis.  The Pilates benefits of low-impact exercise, stress reduction and overall well-being have allowed Carrie to maintain a healthy lifestyle and look forward to a bright future.
We maintain an intimate family of teachers who share their passion for health, fitness and improvement with our clients in their own unique styles.
Our studios are designed with the latest Balanced Body Reformers, the beauty of abundant natural light, a clean and welcoming environment and intimate class sizes.  Offering a full body workout, our teaching style combines the form and benefits of Classical Pilates with the intensity of Contemporary Pilates and we adjust every class to meet the needs and desires of the class participants.
Carrie’s personal values of mutual respect and honesty form the core values of our studios.  Our talented, diverse and professional teachers each bring something unique and further enrich our community, while being focused on the happiness and transformation of our clients.
Our goal is to ensure every person in our community feels respected and transformed through their association with our studios.  We love getting to know each of our clients as friends and hearing their own wonderful life stories. From volunteers to actresses, students, models, attorneys, real estate agents, teachers, parents, doctors and coaches, each of them enriches Avea and the Communities in which we all work and live.
We invite you to attend a class and experience the Avea community for yourself.