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We work hard every day to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.  This is why we pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of our talented teaching team.  We respect the commitment they made to become fully certified instructors and give them the freedom to teach their own lesson plans, rather than following a rigid “studio” plan.  Our customer service team answers phone calls, emails and IG messages throughout our open hours and we have the shortest cancellation policy in the industry – a mere 12 hours prior to class start.  We are consistently rated one of the top studios in New York City because we only do one thing – Pilates.  We work as hard as we can to offer the best Pilates experience, every single day.

Live Reviews

Káló A.Káló A. ★★★★★ It was a very beautiful part of New York.Natalia Paulino - R.Natalia Paulino - R. ★★★★★ My first time and I love it. I'll be back!Brenda P.Brenda P. ★★★★★ I've been attending the pilates classes here for a while now, and I absolutely love it! All the instructors are super nice and fun, each bringing their own unique style to the sessions. This variety keeps every class fresh and exciting. The positive energy and supportive atmosphere make every workout a joy. Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their fitness in a welcoming environment!Enga D.Enga D. ★★★★★ My favorite pilates studio in NYC! Celia & Cassie’s classes are a MUST. Beginner friendly but challenging as well!!! Great environment and please take Celia & Cassie’s classes best IMOBrenna R.Brenna R. ★★★★★ beautiful studio, very clean, great instructorsStephanie Y.Stephanie Y. ★★★★★ Great workout studio. Clean, spacious and intimate classes. Much better than solidcore where it's super loud and chaotic.Arwa H.Arwa H. ★★★★★ Love this place!! Great studio, clean, friendly instructors. I HIGHLY recommend going to Celia C's class if you can, she is THE BEST!!!Revian C.Revian C. ★★★★★ Happy to have found Avea a year ago after trying different studios in the city. Celia is my favorite instructor, I'm a regular at her classes now!Georgia MGeorgia M ★★★★★ My favorite Pilates studio. I’ve been a regular for several years. The teachers are excellent! Friendly and knowledgeable, they will keep you in great shape. The studio is brand new and beautiful. Clean and modern equipment with a variety of class times to choose from.Jaimie G.Jaimie G. ★★★★★ Absolutely love this place! I do both privates and classes and have loved all my instructors. Carlton and Alaina do my privates and I've been to Erica, Greg, Jericha and Gillian's classes. Carrie the owner is also so accommodating to my schedule! It's just the best. My best friend also goes regularly and introduced me the studio.Alyson R.Alyson R. ★★★★★ Avea was recommended by a friend and I Iove it! The WV location is new. The classes are small, instructors are great and it continues to be challenging. Highly recommend!Linda J.Linda J. ★★★★★ Love Avea - I first started doing Pilates here and all of the instructors have been so welcoming and helpful. Ferhat is amazing - recommend his classes for a challenging and rewarding workout. I appreciate that the instructors care about form. Studio is very clean. I’d go everyday if I could!Lisa R.Lisa R. ★★★★★ Avea Pilates new West Village studio at 47 West 14th is F A B U L O U S.!!!! Welcoming, open bright with extra room for spreading out. I have always loved the teachers/ classes at Avea, and now the studio is commensurate with the classes. Go Go Go !!!!Shir F.Shir F. ★★★★★ One of my favorite reformer studios in the city. I usually go to the East Village location but venture West for Gillian's classes. I highly recommend checking out her flow for a challenging yet balanced class with an instructor who is notably present and helps you get the most out of your time.Amanda J.Amanda J. ★★★★★ When I first started coming to Avea I was a Pilates beginner but have since learned so much from the Avea staff and feel very comfortable with Pilates now. The staff is great and I’ve really enjoyed most teachers. Laura has become my favorite teacher because every class is different, she has a good balance of speed and slowness for maximum growth, and really cares about each individual’s personal development. I have taken friends with injuries to her class and she is so communicative to them about adjustments to help make the moves doable for them. Everyone at Avea cares that you understand what they are saying and wants to help you achieve your best Pilates self. I would selfishly love it if Laura had some 6:30am classes but understand that might not be doable. All in all, a great studio with talented staff and small classes sizes!amitha K.amitha K. ★★★★★ Really amazing pilates studio -- the best in the city in terms of quality, inclusivity and fun. Happy to be a member 🙂Elizabeth C.Elizabeth C. ★★★★★ Avea has a great mix of instructors with unique teaching styles which keeps things interesting. I truly look forward to my time there.Lillian X.Lillian X. ★★★★★ Beautiful studio, great teachers - Alec is my favorite. He is so precise, organized, and attentive. I always feel like I have had a thorough workout after his classes and he is so lovelyEmilyEmily ★★★★★ Lovely reformer classes in a bright, clean studio. Victoria leads a great, challenging class with a good balance of strength training and dynamic stretching.Ella M.Ella M. ★★★★★ My favorite pilates studio in the world! I go to Celia's class 2-3 times a week. She is a star and so willing to work with you on whatever you need and...Lydia C.Lydia C. ★★★★★ My go-to pilates studio off classpass. Highly recommend for a clean studio and nice view (big windows so lots of sunlight)Alice C.Alice C. ★★★★★ Amazing and beautiful studios with super knowledgeable teachers. Every class is a dream.StacyStacy ★★★★★ I’ve only been 3 times with 3 separate instructors. I am overweight and a beginner and have my insecurities. This has been the nicest group of people. Very welcoming and helpful, but letting me be independent and no extra focus on me, which I appreciate. I have not experienced anything other than kindness and I really needed that and it encourages me to keep returning for classes.Carolena M.Carolena M. ★★★★★ It’s been over a decade since I did Pilates. Ferhat was great and patient. Class went by quickly. Will be backMatt B.Matt B. ★★★★★ Ferhat is an amazing instructor.BrookeBrooke ★★★★★ Best Pilates classes! Ferhat is the bestJennifer L.Jennifer L. ★★★★★ I’ve been a client at Avea for almost a year.  I am impressed with every aspect of Avea. All three studios are beautiful, and each instructor takes the time to get to know the individual student.  As a result, the instructors help nurture your growth and remember what you’re working on and/or any injuries you have from class to class.  One of my favorite instructors is Cassie, who pushes each student to reach their full potential, without asking anyone to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Erica L is incredibly gentle yet tough, and provides a real mental escape during the class. Alaina is another tough instructor but one who brings a lot of mindfulness and a beautiful energy to her classes. Overall, every instructor has a unique and special teaching style.  The other class attendees bring a positive, warm energy and friendly attitude.  Carrie (the owner) has cultivated a beautiful, welcoming space.  It is a very non-judgmental environment.  As a woman in her early 50s, I have felt so supported and encouraged and the instructors at Avea have helped me already lose 25 lbs. in preparation for my wedding!Ava R.Ava R. ★★★★★ This is the first "workout" where I'm not watching the clock hoping I'm almost done but instead, hoping there's lots of time left. I really enjoy the studio, the atmosphere, the staff, and the classes. Eager to continue my pilates journey at this studioAmber XAmber X ★★★★★ Pilates is not my first choice. I took this class cuz I had too many credits left on ClassPass. It turned out a great class. The studio is small but clean. Definitely will comebackKim X.Kim X. ★★★★★ I've been trying to strengthen my core and improve my flexibility, which motivated me to take up Pilates. It is always daunting to do an in person class...Nora M.Nora M. ★★★★★ I love this studio and all the teachers, from the owner to her entire staff. As the owner is a fabulous pilates teacher, she hires people who are like her; warm and friendly and also great teachers who authentically work hard to make everyone in the class feel welcome and improve their movement. I highly recommend this studio.Nora M.Nora M. ★★★★★ I never knew until I started coming here that exercise could be so fun. The classes are challenging yet fun, and I feel great afterwards. Furthermore, this studio is bright and super clean. This is the studio to go to.Nora M.Nora M. ★★★★★ This is an amazing pilates studio. If you are new to pilates or very experienced I totally recommend Avea. The teachers are terrific: knowledgeable, engaging and fun. They are very hands-on and will help you adjust the excersises for your skill level. Also the studio is super clean and organized.Tímea B.Tímea B. ★★★★★ Amazing group of people! Teachers are kind and caring, the place is very friendly qnd welcoming! I'm really happy that I found this place😊Josh M.Josh M. ★★★★★ Best Pilates studio in the city, every instructor is excellent. I literally go everyday.Tammy S.Tammy S. ★★★★★ I love coming to this studio. It is pristinely clean, the air is filtered, machines are brand new and in top working order and sprayed down religiously. I took Pilates for years at another studio where I loved the instructors and hated the old machines and dirty space. I met with Avea’s owner during the pandemic and explained I’m at high risk for COVID. She made me so comfortable about their protocols that I took privates throughout the pandemic and have even started feeling safe taking classes. I’ve worked with at least 6 instructors - Celia, Chandler, Erica and others. They come from all over (Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, California!) and all are obsessed with correct Pilates form and a great workout.The vibe is fun, music is great and privates are amazing on reformer and Cadillac. Especially if you have an issue (knee, neck, back) the teachers learn your body and adapt workout to help fix problem. Other students have told me the East Village and Murray Hill locations are equally wonderful. I go 3-4 x a week when work permits! It is simply awesome and well run. Best workout!Elise R.Elise R. ★★★★★ Love this studio! Fabulous location with huge windows overlooking Thompkins Square Park. Reformer machines look and feel brand new and extremely clean. Instructors are great - knowledgeable and upbeat, classes are fun and challenging. They offer a ton of classes all day long which is super convenient. Love!!!Elise R.Elise R. ★★★★★ Absolutely love this studio! Beautiful space with nice big floor to ceiling windows allowing for plenty of natural light. Reformer machines are great quality and well maintained. Wonderful instructors, everyone is knowledgeable and welcoming. Class sizes are relatively small so everyone can get personalized attention. I’ve been coming here multiple times/week for about a year, I’m so grateful to have found this studio. Highly recommend!!!Lauren G.Lauren G. ★★★★★ I have been taking pilates from Avea West Village for almost 2 years, 3-4x a week. I can truly say that this is the best pilates studio that I have ever belonged to! The instructors are incredible, kind, and helpful, the equipment is state of the art, the studio is very clean, and I highly recommend checking it out if you're in the west village area! Avea has helped me get into the best shape of my life.Ziva B.Ziva B. ★★★★★ This Pilates club is worth every penny I pay for it: few months ago I start training in private sessions at the west village location. I came to them after trying and shopping around for long time, without finding the right place I truly desires. Avea west village is one of the most cleanest Pilates place I ever observed. It's getting cleaned on hourly base, after every training, and it dose not meter if it was a group, or just me, with my private section. In everywhere i found highly hand sanitizes, smell like lavender. All the place made in white color: white leather furnitures, the news pilates machines - all: the best for my money.My trainer, Erica, is from Brazil, and is amazing. Really working hard with me and understand my needs. The other class which always was busy, are woking out all the time, and it is nice to see how many other choose to pick-up this wonderful pilates club, and to have the joy to the body shaping, in this wonderful and special pilates place. Highly recommended!!!!Ilene G.Ilene G. ★★★★★ I am a customer of Avea Pilates and have been to both the West Village and East Village locations. They are spotless. Every piece of equipment is sanitized between every session. All the trainers and the owner are wonderful. They are friendly and accommodating. My husband is also a customer and loves them. We buy 10 session packages. I highly recommend Avea Pilates!!Elise R.Elise R. ★★★★★ New location of my favorite Pilates studio. Clean space, absolutely wonderful teachers, brand new equipment. Highly recommend!Emily H.Emily H. ★★★★★ Always a great class with knowledgeable instructorsNicole N.Nicole N. ★★★★★ Avea Kips Bay is my go to for Pilates. I take class every day at 8:30 AM and every instructor is incredible. I get an amazing full body workout. Pilates is incredible for you and has helped strengthen and heal old injuries. I highly recommend Avea Kips Bay if you are looking for a new workout.Tessa B.Tessa B. ★★★★★ I found Avea Pilates four years ago through Classpass, and then never left! I have watched it grow from one studio in the East Village, to now three locations, all of which I have regularly frequented. I was relieved to see Avea survived the covid shutdown, but when I found out they had opened a studio in Kips Bay (my neighborhood) I thought it was too good to be true. Their classes and teachers were WELL worth the commute, so it is an absolute joy to have them in the neighborhood now. It's for good reason that they've continued to expand. So many wonderful and experienced teachers, it would be really hard for me to choose a favorite. Avea Pilates has strengthened and shaped my body like no other, it's been one of the best investments I've made in myself. And it's a pleasure to support a woman-owned business as well! Carrie is great and super responsive. Take a class there, you will not regret it!Suneeta O.Suneeta O. ★★★★★ By far the best Pilates center in NYC. I discovered it in August when it first opened and I’m addicted. The equipment is brand new, the space is beautiful and the instructors are amazing. I’ve recommended it to a few friends and they all love it. It’s definitely worth every penny and more 💫Sue S.Sue S. ★★★★★ I have found all the instructors here to be great. Because of the small class size, they learn your name and make you feel appreciated. Great, positive energy and will offer corrections as needed. They are also very patient, so I never feel bad when I don't know what's happening. I feel like the pace and energy is a better fit for me than some other reformer studios. I don't live in NY but when I am in town this is my go to studio. Love it!Melanie C.Melanie C. ★★★★★ Beautiful, clean, studio. Excellent and knowledgable instructors who offered personalized feedback and modifications for each of us, making it feel like a private lesson in a group class experience. I have been looking for a good pilates studio and I have now found it. One of the instructors, Carrie, went out of her way on her day off to find me and return my apple watch that I had left at the studio! Really amazing customer service combined with a great workout experience! I am looking forward to seeing the new space on 34th St as wellLori L.Lori L. ★★★★★ I love attending the west village location. I take private classes with Carrie to help build strength in my back following postpartum injuries. The individual classes Carrie plans for me have allowed me to see a quick increase in back strength and mobility. The studio is clean and they have extra hair ties which is always a bonus when you forget yours.Lisa R.Lisa R. ★★★★★ This is my confession - I hate to exercise, but know I need to. Thus, I am extremely thankful for and cannot write enough nice things about Avea Pilates. All their pilates class and teachers are fun - which keeps me going back. Also the teachers are excellent and the studio is super clean with great machines. If you are thinking about starting Pilates or are looking to continue your Pilates practice this is the studio to go to.Brittany F.Brittany F. ★★★★★ Avea is amazing! Love working with chandler she is the absolute best. I’m sore for days after (which is what I want) worth every penny and wouldn’t go anywhere elseBrittany F.Brittany F. ★★★★★ Absolutely love Avea. So clean and beautiful. Have been doing privates once a week for several months and so happy with it!Ben G.Ben G. ★★★★★ Greg is the best instructor here hands downvicky D.vicky D. ★★★★★ I started my pilates journey with the hope to rehabilitate my back, neck and knees after a car accident that left me in constant discomfort and pain after minimal activity. When I discovered that Avea offered private classes and even has instructors who were physiotherapists I gave it a shot. That was about 6 weeks ago and I feel amazing. There is a significant difference in my strength, mobility and pain levels. The studio space is gorgeous, clean, modern machines, a great vibe with proffecional, warm people who share my mission.Please note this is not a rehabilitation studio but as per the “rumors” it’s true Pilates is healing inside and out.Elizabeth RElizabeth R ★★★★★ This place is wonderful! Prior to Covid, I went to two classes at the East Village location and loved it. Last Sunday, I had a private session with Liron and another one today with Anne. I also got to meet the owner briefly today, and she is lovely. They all are, honestly. This was all at East Village location. Also got to have an amazing session with Greg at the West Village location a few days ago. All-around fantastic staff and both locations are really nice. I can't wait for things to get back to somewhat normal so that group classes can start again. Until then, I fully intend to keep up with the open sessions and 1-on-1's. I've missed Reformer Pilates soooo much during Covid and just super happy to be able to be back in a studio!!!!!!!Janet W.Janet W. ★★★★★ Bright and airy. Classes are wonderful and instructors motivate everyone. So glad I found this gem♥️Alex T.Alex T. ★★★★★ Absolutely love this studio, especially after the renovations. Beautiful, airy space, and challenging classes that fly by. Particularly love classes by Sabrina!Kathryn H.Kathryn H. ★★★★★ I am obsessed with this Pilates studio. To the point where I almost don’t want to leave a review or tell anyone about it bc I feel like it’s the best kept secret of Pilates classes in NYC. All the instructors are great, but my absolute favorite is Sabrina! She is amazing and is super open to incorporating specific things into class if you ask (i.e extra abs, leg focused, etc).Becky N.Becky N. ★★★★★ I’ve been practicing Pilates for just a few months at Avea, and am so happy w/ the results. I’m so much stronger and leaner, and simply feel great! The instructors are excellent, the classes are fun and the Avea East & West Village studios are beautiful. Many classes offered daily so super convenient too.McKenzie S.McKenzie S. ★★★★★ Fantastic studio that offers reformer and tower classes with lots of time slots available! Take a class from Gabe or Liron and you won't be disappointed.Gotham CGotham C ★★★★★ Clean and airy studio with good machines, close to subway and easy access. Great option for reformation Pilates lovers in the city.Beatriz M.Beatriz M. ★★★★★ Me encanta. Descubrí este estudio a través de ClassPass y pese a probar otros estudios de Madrid y NY, este es mi preferido, así que he decidido comprar el pase de 20 clases.El local tiene unas vistas muy bonitas, todo está limpio y es acogedor. Me gusta la máquina de Pilates que usan, las técnicas y las profesoras.Delphine Le G.Delphine Le G. ★★★★★ Fantastic place. Fantastic instructors. I highly recommend.I don't feel myself if I don't go at least once a week!Cara P.Cara P. ★★★★★ Madeline is an exceptional instructor.Entirely focused on the class, thoroughly describes each exercise with explicit instruction outlining where the moves originate and what muscles to engage. I cannot recommend her class highly enough!Kate S.Kate S. ★★★★★ Avea has been my introduction to pilates and I can't imagine having better teachers. I love classes with Madeline, Xiomara and Gabe. Every class and instructor is different and pushes you in new ways. The studio is a beautiful and inspiring place to come to!kelly W.kelly W. ★★★★★ Always have an incredible experience with Avea Pilates! I love how they take into account if anyone in the class wants to target anything specific that day. Smaller classes allow for the instructors to really focus on your movement as well. Highly recommend a class with Lauren P! Her high energy always makes class a blast!Yonit G.Yonit G. ★★★★★ Love this studio! Great instructors, new equipment and awesome classes. Highly recommended!Becky N.Becky N. ★★★★★ I’ve practiced yoga for a long time and recently started Pilates classes at Avea. I absolutely love the studio and the classes! They’re a great complement to yoga, running, dance and other practices. I’m so excited to have found Avea, and, thanks to the excellent teachers, have found it very straightforward to take part in the group classes. Highly recommend!Saloni S.Saloni S. ★★★★★ Love Avea Pilates! Great location overlooking Tompkins Sq Park and instructors are creative with the pilates workout.Jessica M.Jessica M. ★★★★★ Really love this studio! The classes are challenging, but I never feel that I can't follow along or do any of the exercises. The teachers are all really knowledgable and offer lots of options and modifications if you need them, and each class feels tailored to the students in it. I especially love classes with Sabrina - she gets you to work hard but is super encouraging and teaches you good habits for how to practice safe alignment. Whether you're a beginner or advanced in your practice, this is a great place to learn and challenge yourself!Melissa G.Melissa G. ★★★★★ Love them! The view is great! Instructors are great.Nicole W.Nicole W. ★★★★★ Clean studio and great class! the class is motivating and the stretch at the end is calming. Overall the class was amazing and covered all of the bases you would want in a pilates class!Gabriel M.Gabriel M. ★★★★★ Literally the best pilates studio in the west villageDara H.Dara H. ★★★★★ I took my first ever Pilates class last year at Ave A, and I've been hooked ever since. The small class sizes mean you get lots of instructor attention and corrections, so you can make the most of your workout time. I love how sunny the studio is. I will keep coming back!Tracey M.Tracey M. ★★★★★ Love this studio! Every class I get to experience a completely different stretch. Tons of variety. The teachers are excellent.Alexandra M.Alexandra M. ★★★★★ I love Avea Pilates! Very chill vibe and great atmosphere. Not pretentious and always a good workout!Emily H.Emily H. ★★★★★ Avea Pilates is a great studio! Clean, aesthetically pleasing and always a great workout. Would definitely recommend!OamOam ★★★★★ Stunning location. The studio is so clean and beautiful. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. I was so thrilled with the experience start to finish. Carrie was a wonderful and thorough teacher. I never felt lost in the class even as a beginner. Will definitely be back time and time again.Kimberly O.Kimberly O. ★★★★★ Where does one even begin?! I've been a regular Avea client now for 11 months (east village location) and I can honestly say my life has drastically improved because of it. So happy to see the studio growing!As an avid athlete growing up and always believing that a workout is only productive if I feel like passing out at the end of it, Pilates has been a glorious and welcomed change. I walk in tired and leave feeling revitalized and energized for the day ahead. I started this journey with achy joints and this studio has provided me the ability to repair and rebuild what was keeping me in pain. Avea's approach makes you feel right at home and makes you feel like even if your first class you begin with zero coordination (me!) you are welcome here and you are capable and you will get stronger.The studio overall is bright, clean, and extremely well kept. The studio owner, Carrie, is a burst of light and energy. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable and Avea reflects that. All of the instructors lead unique and challenging classes and even after a diligent almost 11 months, I've never tired of any of the instructors or classes. I feel challenged each time I go. I often would ask if Pilates will ever get easier, and the simple answer is no; I'll continue to be challenged, but I will get stronger, more flexible, and therefore always improving.Sophia F.Sophia F. ★★★★★ Excellent class! Hannah was very hands on with an attention to detail, making it feel like a private. The space is gorgeous and equipment state of the art. Definitely making this my new Saturday morning routine!Alison B.Alison B. ★★★★★ The small class size was great and allowed for personal attention from the instructor. The class was a great core workout and one of the best I've taken in the city!Becky G.Becky G. ★★★★★ I love taking class at this studio. I've had nearly all the teachers and each bring something fun and different to the routine of class so it's always changing up. I'm so glad it's in the neighborhood!Fionnuala H.Fionnuala H. ★★★★★ Very good. The instructors are great and the studio is lovely. I highly recommend Ave A PilatesKelly A.Kelly A. ★★★★★ Ave A Pilates is the best studio in NYC!Dana is an incredible teacher! Her class is a MUST!Blaire A.Blaire A. ★★★★★ Great studio and wonderful instructors!Kristina H.Kristina H. ★★★★★ Light-filled space in the East Village - love that it overlooks the park! Instructors are as welcoming as they are knowledgeable.Lauren T.Lauren T. ★★★★★ Ave A Pilates has become my go to Studio over the last year. They are constantly expanding and offer great instructors who give you a great workout. It’s a small boutique studio but it’s the perfect vibe for getting personal instruction. They offer express classes which are great if you are sneaking in a workout during the workday. Carrie, the owner, runs an awesome studio. They constantly offer discounts on packages which make it affordable to be a returning client. Be sure to give it a try!!Annabelle C.Annabelle C. ★★★★★ Ave A Pilates is great! The teachers are personable and brilliant. The classes are well structured and I always leave feeling good. The machines are modern and the studio is bright. It’s always a positive experience!Jill D.Jill D. ★★★★★ Great class, spacious and clean as wellClaudia S.Claudia S. ★★★★★ It was my first class ever, and the instructor was super sweet and helpful! I didn’t even have to mention I’d never used a machine beforeKira F.Kira F. ★★★★★ Modern and clean pilates studio with my favorite equipment - the Balanced Body machines! All teachers are great and create classes that build on one another. Don't be afraid to say what you'd like to concentrate on in class because they are happy to tailor. Would love if they created some more advanced classes to mix things up for people who have done a lot of pilates and want to try something a bit harder 🙂Marisa C.Marisa C. ★★★★★ Ave A Pilates is my favorite studio in NYC! I’ve tried multiple others through ClassPass then cancelled and decided to only buy a 20 pack through Ave A because it was so much better than all the rest. It is intimate, all the instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful, and the studio is beautiful and clean. I look forward to every class I take there and I would highly recommend this studio to any pilates beginner or veteran!irene B.irene B. ★★★★★ Carrie is the best! She leads such a great workout!Christiana C.Christiana C. ★★★★★ Bright, sunny, clean pilates studio with a view of the park. Very welcoming to beginners. It's the only studio I go to after trying several throughout the city. Carrie is my favorite instructor. She creates such a positive atmosphere and gives great instruction and adjustments. Highly recommend!!ShabrinaShabrina ★★★★★ Great class, great instructor (Carrie) and love that there is lots of daylight flowing through the studioRachel W.Rachel W. ★★★★★ Carrie is amazing. Her class is challenging & she keeps it fun with exciting new variations and her glowing personality. Love love love Ave A Pilates every time I go – and always sore in the right places the next day!Jill CJill C ★★★★★ Am grateful for this lovely East Village pilates reformer studio right around the corner! Carrie and Dana are amazing and talented teachers, and have a perfect, balanced sequence for the 45 minute express class (my favorite). Am looking forward to trying the other teachers too now that the schedule has expanded. Highly recommend this studio!Hannah W.Hannah W. ★★★★★ The class sizes are small so the instructor is able to follow closely with your exercises and make sure you’re doing them correctly. It’s a very inviting and friendly atmosphere with lots of sunlight which is relaxing. I’m not very experienced with reformer Pilates but the exercises weren’t too difficult but still could feel my body working and was sore the next daySarah M.Sarah M. ★★★★★ The instructors care a lot about the student's experience during class. The studio is clean and has nice views of the park! Challenging class but full of adjustments if needed! Definitely recommendsascha R.sascha R. ★★★★★ I love taking classes at Ave A Pilates. The space is clean and bright, and the classes are a good challenge each time. I really like that the instructors ask what you'd like to focus on for the class and modify the exercises accordingly. You can really make it your own if you want to.Lale T.Lale T. ★★★★★ I recently moved to the East Village and have been trying all pilates studios within up to 20 minutes walking distance to find the best studio. If you want to skip all this work, you can go straight to Ave A Pilates, because they are the best! They have the newest equipment, the studio is very clean and bright, I love the big windows and most importantly the instructors are amazing. The instructors know what they are doing. They are very attentive to form, the instructions are super clear, they are very friendly - and I can feel that I am getting stronger after every class. If you want to spend two months going to a different studio every time, do that, but I can tell you that you will end up in Ave A!michele S.michele S. ★★★★★ Amazing and challenging Pilates! Carrie is especially attentive and helpful. Definitely recommend for advanced or beginner levels!Natasha B.Natasha B. ★★★★★ Ave A is my absolute favorite Pilates studio. Carrie is a phenomenal instructor- she is so knowledgeable and always asks what each student wants to focus on at the beginning of class. Since there are only 5 reformer machines, it feels very intimate like a private class and you get proper adjustments throughout which is amazing. The studio is so pretty, great light and a view of the park. I’d highly recommend anyone to try Ave A Pilates from beginners to advanced.Jessica L.Jessica L. ★★★★★ This studio is great, I like that it's light filled and small so there are not a ton of people in the class. It's clean , the instructors are nice and helpful. I really like these machines as well!js_loader

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Our talented team is as diverse as the communities we support. To learn more about our instructors, click below.
Our Team
The Avea Story
What we believe
Avea Pilates is a welcoming community for all individuals. Find out more about our story.
The Avea Story