Private Sessions

For more personalized and dedicated attention from a certified Pilates trainer, we offer Private Sessions.  We are happy to offer Private / Duet sessions and Private Group sessions on a complementary schedule to our group classes. Our clients choose Private Sessions for a variety of reasons.

For your first Private Session, please call us on 212-320-8399. We can use the call to understand your specific goals and match you with an instructor to help you make the most of your session.

Singles and Duets

Group Sessions*

For new clients, gain confidence and form to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your Pilates practice.

For experienced clients, use a Private Session to correct habits, focus on specific areas or muscle groups, or for special needs such as pre or post-natal exercise.

Corporate Exercise.  Experience our studios with 8-24 of your work colleagues.  Reserve an entire class, choose the music and work out together.

Pilates parties!  Reserve an entire class to celebrate a special event.  Invite 8-24 friends and make your next celebration healthy as well as fun.

For VIP Clients, experience the privacy and discretion of a Private 1-1 Session to achieve your specific goals.  We have hosted numerous VIP clients and always treat your attendance with discretion.

For couples, family members and best friends, treat yourself to an intimate workout, with individual attention providing form and guidance on getting the most from your fitness time together.

* Pricing and availability for Private Groups varies according to your Group size and additional needs.  Please call us for more details.