Studio Policies and Covid update

In studio news, we wanted to thank everyone who completed the survey from our last email.  The outpouring of love and support was overwhelming.  We are so happy to have the Avea Pilates community provide input on our decisions on safety and healthiness for the studios. We will be implementing several policy updates as a result of your feedback.

Here are some of the results that will be guiding our decisions.

  • Over 80% of responses support temperature checks before you enter the class
  • Over 90% of responses support wearing masks while in the studio
  • Over 75% of responses prefer that the teacher maintain social distancing and not offer hands on corrections for the time being
  • Over 65% prefer that at least Pilates socks are required

We will have updated studio policies and advice that we will send out shortly.  We appreciate your support in keeping yourself and everyone else safe in our studios.

The great news for our team is that over 62% of you intend to return to group classes either immediately after we open or within the first couple of weeks.  We can’t wait to see you again and we will be doing our part to ensure your continued safety.  In addition to adopting CDC guidance for our enhanced cleaning and safety protocols we will initially:

  • Have breaks between classes to allow time for cleaning of surfaces, props etc
  • Be limiting group classes to a maximum of 4 participants
  • Be implementing a “not early / not late” policy to avoid people waiting together or disrupting class with temperature checks / waivers once class has started.
  • Replace Reformer cleaning towels between each class
  • Have new loops and foot straps that can be easily sanitized
  • Have hand sanitizer stations available for client use
  • Have disposable wipes for your use
  • Have staggered class start times to minimize people in reception and seating areas
  • Review the need to close certain common facilities (cubbies etc)
  • Have new policy and waiver forms that we will ask every client to sign (sanitized pens will be provided)
  • Not be opening the Mapenzi space

We have also received questions about the expiration of packages.  We will be extending any prior purchased packages by the amount of time the studios were closed and will make these updates when we have a firm opening date.

We will also be offering highly discounted rates and a streamlined booking process for Privates and Duets, providing an affordable alternative to group classes.

Thank you again for your commitment to our locally and teacher owned business.  We can’t wait to open our doors again soon.

Carrie Shaffer and the Avea team